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Law firm

Founded in 1992

The law firm operates mainly in Emilia Romagna in areas of judicial activity and out-of-court consultancy in various areas of civil and administrative law.



Composed of a staff with in-depth knowledge and experience in the legal disciplines mainly related to the sector of labor law, trade union law, social security and commercial law, it offers, thanks to professional relationships  with other specialized studios  in further areas of law, guarantee of effective  and complete assistance to businesses and individuals.

Our associates


Giorgia Giovetti lawyer

Admitted to the Modena Bar since 2003, Avvocato Giovetti has twenty years of experience in the areas of employment law, a sector on which she has focused her professional training.  

In 2005 it has  obtained a Master's Degree from the Higher Education School in Labor Law and Social Security organized by AGI - Italian Labor Lawyers - with the patronage of the National Bar Council.

Michela Zanetti lawyer

Qualified to practice law at the Court of Appeal of Bologna since 2010, the lawyer Zanetti has specialized in public and civil law through the constant collaboration with Modenese law firms and with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, university at who obtained his PhD in Legal Sciences in 2007. 

It assists both individuals and companies by ensuring continuous professional updating through training courses promoted by the Order and by accredited bodies.

Avv. Giorgia Giovetti
Avv. Michela Zanetti


Our firm boasts the participation in two sectoral associations of national and international character.  

AGI was born in March 2002, on the initiative of a group of labor lawyers. Labor lawyers are professionals specializing in labor law, social security and welfare and agency relations. The natural composition of the association, of lawyers representing all the players in the labor market, allows AGI to be an effective and effective observer and interpreter of living labor law.

WILL brings together senior lawyers from all over the world and with decades of experience to make the highest level legal assistance accessible, eliminating geographical distances. We dream of a world where the highest quality legal protection is made globally accessible for every individual, business or entity.

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